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Kawasaki is adding another supercharged motorcycle for its 2020 model year lineup, and we know it's going to be an extra-sporty "Z" bike. We hope you enjoy: 2020 Kawasaki Z H2 Supercharged Streetfighter Product Development Update: Bolt-on Swingarm Extensions Installations Video with Additional Considerations Discussion. Este tipo de cookies aseguran las funcionalidades básicas y la seguridad del sitio web de forma anónima. Twelve months after Kawasaki ramped up the so-called ‘supernaked’ category with the launch of its Sugomi-styled, supercharged Z H2, it it expanding the range with two new variants; Z H2 SE and SE Performance. This isn’t a track bike; track-capable, yes, but it’s more well-rounded than that. The beastly supercharged Z H2 SE engine. The video shows a “Z”, not a “ZX”, so it is likely to supercharge the top of the Z fleet, the Z1000, rather than the ZX-14R, although that would be hoot! I do have two minor quibbles when it comes to chassis and suspension. That’s one huge welcoming committee! Reeling all that power in are three selectable ride modes—Rain, Road, and Sport. It’s a fun fact for those who aren’t content with nearly 200 horsepower. I spent two full days with the Kawasaki Z H2 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, testing the Z H2’s agility on the road course and quickly moving to the banked oval circuit to truly wring it out. Of course, I didn’t let that stop me when it came time for the oval track. It’s a place mired in conspiracy theories, but what is known is that top-secret testing and research is done there. Kawasaki’s flagship model of the Z line of naked motorcycles just got better as the 2021 Z H2 SE adds a smoother ride and more stopping power to the already innovative Z H2 package. Las cookies Analíticas se utilizan para entender de qué manera los visitantes interactúan con la web. That’s the same output as the H2 SX sports tourer, suggesting the supercharged 998cc four-cylinder is in a similar state of tune. Rounding out the touchpoints is a stellar full-color TFT display that is now shared across several models. The act of compressing air quickly naturally increases its temperature, which decreases the efficacy of the supercharger. For this model, the routing has been optimized to be the most direct path into the engine. An all-new exhaust system with longer header pipes paves the way for more puff where street riders need it most, and as you guessed, it features a model-specific fuel map. Still, if you dig around on forums, plenty of H2 enthusiasts have added intercoolers to their machines, lowering boost temperatures, and increasing power. In practice, the ABS works quite well, and I tested this on the oval circuit with an impromptu chicane. A distillation of the vast technology possessed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., the innovative Z H2 is a motorcycle worthy of title “ultimate.” This new flagship model will lead the Z Series into the future. It has a more athletic 57.3-inch wheelbase—an inch shorter than the H2 SX—giving it a sportier edge, while the rake has been drawn out slightly to 24.9 degrees, increasing its stability. On the oval circuit of Las Vegas Motor Speedway, I managed to hold the Kawasaki Z H2 wide open as long as I dared, achieving 168 mph, according to GPS. Unlike the H2 and H2 R, the Z H2 and H2 SX duo uses a 69mm supercharger impeller that’s machined with a five-axis CNC mill, creating six full-length blades at the tip, with twelve blades at the base. In its own unique paint and graphic look, the SE model does what seemed impossible at the time, adding yet more bling to the Z H2 concept. Tras 2 primeros vídeos en los que poco nos enseñaban de la moto, por fin podemos mostraros el teaser que nos revela su nombre: se trata de una Kawasaki Z H2 supercharged… The 32.7-inch seat height paired well with my 32-inch inseam, and I had no problem getting boots on the ground, as the chassis isn’t overly bulbous. Nos ayudan a tener información sobre las métricas de número de visitantes, índice de rebote, fuentes de tráfico, etc. Now a supercharged ‘Z’ model is confirmed. Essai au quotidien Kawasaki Z H2 Supercharged Avis du passager inclus ! También compartimos la información sobre el uso que usted realiza de nuestro sitio web con nuestros socios de redes sociales, publicidad y analítica. Motorcycling is often a game of acceptable compromises, yet, Kawasaki has created a machine with uncompromising performance, that’s ready to negotiate at every turn. Calendario de MotoGP 2020: El GP de la Comunitat Valenciana ya no es el último. Until this year. Also, three power modes are available—Full, Mid (75 percent of maximum output), and Low (50 percent). Kawasaki also advises riders to not use the quickshifter below 2500 rpm. Sitting at the center of the Z H2 is the confoundingly smooth 998cc supercharged inline-four engine, producing a claimed 197 horsepower at 10,500 rpm and 101 ft-lbs of torque at 9500 rpm. 200 ch, 14 mkg à 8 500 tr/mn, 239 kg tous pleins faits, 17 099€ Mets du sel ! Eighty-three miles outside the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas sits Groom Lake, part of the Nevada Test and Training Range. When it comes to a track-focused motorcycle, having the ability to adjust every single parameter of the electronics is paramount. Las cookies Necesarias son absolutamente imprescindibles para el correcto funcionamiento de la web. The riser handlebars are significantly taller than the H2 SX or ZX bikes, putting you nearly bolt-upright, while still allowing proper movement. Kawasaki’s 2015 SC-02 Soul Charger sketch previewed an unfaired, supercharged bike. Brembo M4.32 calipers and dual 320mm discs do well to stop the wickedly fast Z H2. The engine delivers strong low- to mid-range focused torque that offers smooth, responsive acceleration, resulting in robust yet remarkably manageable power. The 2021 Kawasaki Z H2 SE takes the standard supercharged H2 and adds two substantial features that enhance performance, safety, and comfort. At the first whack of the throttle, man and machine are teleported into triple-digits instantaneously; it all becomes a blur the first time you feel the massive rush of acceleration. Id calentando motores con el primer teaser de esta Kawasaki Z Supercharged 2020. Para saber (y ver) todo el resto de lo que nos deparará la Kawasaki Z Supercharge deberemos esperar al 23 de octubre, justo antes del EICMA de Milán, y es que parece que la tendencia de las grandes marcas es avanzar sus novedades estrella justo unos días antes de este salón. Intercoolers also add weight and complexity. Las cookies de Marketing se utilizan para mostrar a los visitantes anuncios relevantes y campañas de marketing. All H2 bikes sidestep the issue, as the supercharger’s design doesn’t raise the temperature of the compressed air enough to necessitate one. Datos técnicos, fotos, vídeos, información, rivales, colores y equipamiento de la hypernaked con motor supercharged de Kawasaki La mejor información del mundo del automóvil la encontrarás en Solo Auto. Los campos obligatorios están marcados con *. ¿Cuál es la moto más adecuada para mi altura? It’ll also allow loft the front end under acceleration for as long as you’d like, when in level 1 or 2. Here is where things get interesting regarding the supercharger. Kawasaki’s top-level electronic rider support systems, enhanced with feedback from a compact Bosch IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), allow riders to harness the Z H2’s supercharged power and take the streets with confidence and swagger. The three-level TC combines wheelie control into its algorithm, which means that it cannot be independently adjusted. The water-cooled, DOHC, 4-valve, parallel 4-cylinder, 998cc supercharged engine is tuned to showcase its high-performance throughout the rpm range. The hyper-naked sportbike scene has been boiling over year after year with a Cold War era arms race in terms of horsepower, and while there are offerings that produce more at the dyno, no other manufacturer had the gumption to slap a supercharger on a naked bike. The new Z H2 is the crown jewel of the Z family lineup, which now offers something for everyone that wants to hit the streets in a sporty fashion. The last meaningful change is shorter final-drive gearing. Estas cookies registran la actividad de los visitantes a través de internet y recogen información para mostrar anuncios personalizados. Please enjoy Mainland Cycle Center's look at the 2020 Kawasaki Z H2. También puede verse el tablero de instrumentos TFT a color donde queda claro que la moto equipa el control de tracción KRTC (no esperábamos otra cosa…) y seguro que mucha más electrónica. Formed from a forged aluminium block using a 5-axis CNC machining centre, its complex shape features 6 blades at the tip, expanding to 12 blades at the base. Who could blame them? Supernaked Z H2 with its supercharged engine, the second chapter of Z history is about to begin. It has excellent ergonomics yet remains sporty and tolerable at highspeed. There is a certain suppleness to the chassis that doesn’t exist when talking about racier machines. All three levels are quite progressive in their intervention. 998cc, liquid-cooled inline-four DOHC 16V; Fuel-injected with supercharger; 200PS @ 11,000rpm (197bhp) 137Nm @ 8,500rpm (101ft-lb) The headline with the new Z is, of course, that supercharged, four-cylinder engine. Time to take a look. Yet. To combat the heat that a high-performance engine like this generates, direct oil-jet cooling is used on various critical components, lubricating and maintaining proper operating temperatures simultaneously. Sitting at the center of the Z H2 is the confoundingly smooth 998cc supercharged inline-four engine, producing a claimed 197 horsepower at 10,500 rpm and 101 ft-lbs of torque at 9500 rpm. N ews of the impending arrival of the Z H2 saw a spike in our website numbers . The only hiccup was the bone-chilling 40-degree weather, which kept lean-angles minimal on-track. The Complete Book of Moto Guzzi: 100th Anniversary Edition adds a new introduction, new images, and additional pages. The Z brand has a rich history that stretches back almost 50 years. También utilizamos cookies de terceros que nos ayudan a analizar y comprender cómo utiliza este sitio web. Imagine yourself owning a supercharged Kawasaki with the legendary ‘H2’ badge for only P890,000. Location photography by Ula Serra and James Wright. On a motorcycle where every clear stretch of road becomes a quarter-mile drag race, that isn’t a hard rule to follow. Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tires are the OEM kit aboard the Kawasaki Z H2, with typical sizes of 120/70 front and 190/55 rear. After spending time with 2020 Kawasaki Z H2, if Kawasaki staff casually announced that the Z H2 is a result of a collaboration with little green men with large eyes and tested on a non-disclosed dry lakebed somewhere near Las Vegas, a part of me would be inclined to believe it. On a motorcycle that has a stratospheric performance ceiling, it wouldn’t take too much time to get heat into those and notice significant fade. The Z H2 is designed to hit ludicrous speeds with zero hesitation, and that’s precisely what it does. BMW Series especiales M, ¿también para las motos? With a few notable changes, the Z H2 pilfers its 998cc supercharged powerplant from the Ninja H2 SX line, accompanied by upright ergonomics, an all-new chassis, and updated electronics. ... 2020 Kawasaki Z H2 Specifications. Kawasaki Z H2 release date. Kawasaki has pinned the Z H2 at a nice rounded 200PS, or 197bhp. Surprisingly, Sport and Road share a throttle map that offers the most robust response of the bunch—crisp and taut with good control, but there is a bit of abruptness when initially closing the throttle at high rpm. When it comes to street bike, I want things to be as turnkey as can be, and that’s the approach Kawasaki runs with here. Performance products are finally beginning to trickle in for the all-new 2020 Kawasaki Z H2. 2021 KAWASAKI Z H2 SE MOTORCYCLE SUPERCHARGED SPECIAL EDITION. The road is communicated to the rider nicely and, despite its hefty curb weight of 527 pounds, the Z H2 is quite the compliant, neutral handling machine. It isn’t as taut as a ZX-10R, nor should it be, but it doesn’t shy away from the fun when the opportunity arises. Fuera de estas cookies, las cookies que se clasifican según sea necesario se almacenan en su navegador, ya que son esenciales para el funcionamiento de las funcionalidades básicas del sitio web. Luckily, our bone-chilling weather kept the brakes cool, but steel-braided lines would be the first upgrade I’d make. The 2021 Kawasaki Z H2 hypersport motorcycle delivers supercharged exhilaration in aggressive Z styling, featuring a lightweight trellis frame and an extremely powerful 998cc supercharged engine. This is a machine that can only be described as otherworldly. El motor de Kawasaki con doble inyección y sobrealimentación, Vuelve ‘Top Gun’, y vuelve Tom Cruise con la Kawasaki Ninja (vídeo), ¡Pillado! Guarda mi nombre, correo electrónico y web en este navegador para la próxima vez que comente. Suppose you’re looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer for Christmas. Kawasaki Zed Supercharged The bike seems to share a front end that looks to follow the Kawasaki Z800, Z1000, in that it has twin headlights that are topped off by a small fly screen that covers the instrument binnacle. Kawasaki ha filtrado un nuevo vídeo ‘teaser’ en el que muestra ya algunas partes significativas de la nueva Z Supercharge (sobrealimentada). Sport is the least intrusive mode, while Road is a bit more, and Rain is the readiest to spring into action. The differences lie with the Z H2’s impeller whose blades differ to those in the H2 SX to produce more mid-range torque thus befitting this supernaked style. VIDEO - European premiere of the Kawasaki Z H2 Las cookies Funcionales se utilizan para ayudar al rendimiento de ciertas funciones de la web, como son el compartir el contenido de la web en redes sociales, recoger feedbacks, el idioma que prefieres o la región en la que te encuentras y otras funcionalidades proporcionadas por terceros. With power that would leave most radar technicians scratching their heads, this engine needs to be felt in person to be believed, due to massive top-end power that never lets up. In track settings, the Z H2 loses some of the comfortable billowiness and becomes tauter—tauter than I’d like on bumpy roads. Estas cookies se almacenarán en su navegador solo con su consentimiento. En el vídeo puede verse un frontal bifaro, similar al de la Z900, el chasis multitubular de color verde y el motor de la H2, lo que podría indicar que se trata de una ‘H2 desnuda’, con sus 200 CV y su formidable entrega de par…. With high-mileage tires, you’re bound to have long days in the saddles with your buddies, and the neutral, upright ergonomics are conducive to that. A supercharged sensation at its launch on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway earlier in 2020, Kawasaki's incredible Z H2 blasts into 2021 with an SE model in showrooms making it a two-bike range for the new year. Este sitio web utiliza cookies para mejorar su experiencia mientras navega por el sitio web. I enjoyed the feeling of these over pricier Brembo Stylema or M50 calipers on sporting bikes of late. We don’t expect they would supercharge their Z900RS and Z900RS Cafe retro models. Whether you’re going to crack your wallet open and take home is up to you, but you need to find a way to experience it. Fully adjustable Showa suspension is undoubtedly up to the task of the occasional track day, not to mention real-world street duty. In that case, this collaboration between Swiss watchmakers RO-NI and the Italian motorcycle art... Gone from the market for seven years, the 2021 KTM 450 SMR supermoto racer is back. When I say that the Z H2 is unique, it’s not merely because it has a silly amount of power, it’s because it truly is one of a kind. However, engineers did make some notable changes to encourage more significant low-end and mid-range power output. Tom Cruise sobre la Kawasaki Ninja H2 de Top Gun 2, Tu dirección de correo electrónico no será publicada. También tiene la opción de optar por no recibir estas cookies. From its immense power to the Sugomi styling, it is a unique entity. The 200hp supercharged Z H2 will be available in dealers from February 2020. Rain cuts maximum power noticeably, while also cranking up all the rider aides, which will do well in inclement conditions. Each mode alters the throttle map and all other rider aides, accordingly. It’s no secret that the Z H2’s engine is nearly identical to what powers the H2 SX lineup. You also might know this place by another name—Area 51. The first, I would have liked to see a remote spring-preload adjuster on the shock, as the old-school locking collar rings are a bit primitive when we consider the $17,000 asking price. And based on Wheeltek’s latest announcement, the price remains unchanged. A distillation of the vast technology possessed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, the innovative Z H2 is a motorcycle worthy of title “ultimate.” Respectable low-end and dependable mid-range power will see riders darting around the city with ease, never even sampling the tremendous top-end power when on public roads. Kawasaki’s supercharged naked Z H2 was well received in the market when released earlier this year and in 2021 it will be joined in overseas markets by a slightly more full-featured sibling with the advent of the Z H2 SE. Kawasaki H2 SX SE supercharged tourer Super Z1000. If you’re looking to get a bit sportier and want to keep it in the Pirelli family, the Diablo Rosso Corsa II might be more up your alley. Better yet, the ample five-gallon fuel tank makes for a stable anchoring point while cornering and braking, helping keep fatigue at bay. The second is the lack of a steering damper, as it’s ridiculously easy to lift the front end, so it’s always good to have a damper helping alleviate violent tank slappers—and, no, I didn’t experience any. Outside of delivering all information clearly and concisely, you can also make use of Kawasaki’s Rideology app, and connect to your machine via Bluetooth, adjusting parameters, logging rides and keeping track of service intervals, and much more. Teaser for the 2020 Kawasaki Z model with supercharger. Those monstrous figures are anything but intimidating, as it’s all delivered in one of the most approachable, tractable, powerplants I’ve experienced to date. Often, linking those two functions can create adverse behavior, but the Z H2’s traction control is quite progressive, letting you get on the gas as hard as you dare, stepping in when necessary. The first thing you need to know is that the 2021 Ducati XDiavel Black Star is not a tie-in with the 5th anniversary of... 2020 Kawasaki Z H2 Test: Supercharged and Hyper-Naked, Alpinestars Limited Edition Victory Supertech R, So, You Want to Change the Battery in Your V-Max? Ahora sí que ha llegado el momento de saber cuál será la próxima supercharged de la firma japonesa. Kawasaki says its broad powerband creates optimal low-mid range torque for light handling and all-out supercharged performance on the top end. These are the same Brembo calipers that were all the rage a few years ago, and that they have more than ample stopping power, with impressive feel at the Nissin master cylinder. Kawasaki Z H2 2020. Nueva Hesketh tricilíndrica 1000 con compresor, a la vista. Kawasaki’s fifth supercharged H2 model comes out swinging on the high banks. What is most surprising is how effortlessly it propels itself forward. Tu dirección de correo electrónico no será publicada. Descubre nuestras ofertas de suscripción en papel o en versión digital. ABS is paired to your selected ride mode. Where you can poopoo the brakes is in regards to the rubber brake lines. A light clutch pull, thanks to the assist-and-slip clutch, aids in that mission, making the Z H2 pleasant in the streets. Kawasaki ZX-7R de Kardesign, ¡nos la mereceríamos! Clica. Siguiendo el mismo estilo de campaña, la firma japonesa lanza el primer teaser de una futura Kawasaki Z Supercharged 2020. It’s supercharged with nearly 200 horsepower, yet completely friendly, smooth and approachable. Give it a subtle hint of a direction, and it’ll acquiesce lickety-split. Kawasaki Z H2 price (UK) The 2020 Kawasaki ZH2 is expected to cost sub £16,000. When slowing the 527-pound Z H2 down from 160+ mph, ABS might engage in severe braking and be felt at the lever, but it didn’t impede the motorcycle from stopping. The main difference between the modes is how aggressive the rider aids cut in; Sport lets the leash out comfortably, while Road reigns it in a hair. It handles well, without comprising streetability in the name of track prowess, but won’t shy away from the opportunity. That impeller blade is also responsible for making the cheerful chirping sound when decelerating, which is always fun. Kawasaki may be working on reviving the legendary Z900, according to recent reports, and the bike could have a supercharged engine. Even at breakneck speeds, it feels as if it’s barely breaking a sweat. Kawasaki España nos anima a permanecer atentos, porque poco a poco irán publicando nuevos teaser que seguramente revelando cada vez más información y mostrando más detalles de la moto. We review Ian Falloon's book here. Kawasaki Z H2 Supercharger. But we didn’t plant ourselves at Las Vegas Motor Speedway for sedate road riding, no sir. The liquid-cooled 998cc four-cylinder supercharged engine generates maximum power unprecedented in the history of Z nakedsports. Kawasaki ha filtrado un nuevo vídeo ‘teaser’ en el que muestra ya algunas partes significativas de la nueva Z Supercharge (sobrealimentada).. En el vídeo puede verse un frontal bifaro, similar al de la Z900, el chasis multitubular de color verde y el motor de la H2, lo que podría indicar que se trata de una ‘H2 desnuda’, con sus 200 CV y su formidable entrega de par… One of the keys to achieving the Z H2’s power is its ø69mm impeller. Of course, Kawasaki wisely provides a ‘Rider’ mode, allowing owners to customize their Z as they see fit. No fuss, no muss. A new teaser video on YouTube confirms that Kawasaki is about to unleash a supercharged ‘Z’ model that might well take the wind out of Ducati’s sails in its plan to make 2020’s most powerful naked bike. The engine delivers strong low- to mid-range focused torque that offers smooth, responsive acceleration, resulting in robust yet remarkably manageable power. In practice, they’re an excellent match for this bike, as they offer a good performance to mileage ratio. The Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer seems to have taken supercharging quite seriously and is likely to implement it in a host of models. Modern superchargers typically use intercoolers to reduce the compressed air’s temperature. Cast pistons are used instead of forged, as Kawasaki engineers feel that they best deal with the heat in this application. A smooth six-speed gearbox is supplemented with an up/down quickshifter and, although unchanged from the H2 SX SE+, the quickshifter feels slightly tighter and less abrupt, specifically at lower rpm. (Vídeo) Salva un accidente en zona de obras por los pelos, CFMoto 1250 TR-G: China pasa definitivamente al ataque, La Harley-Davidson Pan America 2021, lista para su debut. Those Kawasaki H2 bikes have been around for a while but I never got a chance to ride one. On a positive note, you do get adjustable levers. Pero la exclusión voluntaria de algunas de estas cookies puede afectar su experiencia de navegación. A new riding position and purpose necessitated an all-new steel trellis frame. At least, the X-Files fan in me would. Lastly, windblast isn’t nearly as bad as you might assume, as the Sugomi styling manages to deflect air away from the rider much better than many naked liter machines on the market. The Z H2 SE motorcycle’s balanced supercharged engine is the product of Kawasaki Group technology, designed in-house not only by the Motorcycle and Engine Company, but also with collaboration from the Aerospace Systems Company, Energy System and Plant Engineering Company, and Corporate Technology Division. Now with the arrival of the Supernaked Z H2 with its supercharged engine, the second chapter of Z history is about to begin. En este sitio web hacemos uso de cookies propias y de terceros para personalizar los contenidos de nuestra web, proporcionar las funciones de las correspondientes redes sociales, así como analizar el tráfico generado en la misma. The experience almost blew my brains out. I also took to the streets to see how it gets on in the real world. The liquid-cooled 998cc four-cylinder supercharged engine generates maximum power unprecedented in the history of Z nakedsports. Back the settings off a bit and it gobbles up potholes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while keeping the bike in shape. 2021 Kawasaki Z H2 SE Info @ https://www.nieuwsmotor.nl/motornieuws/24506-2020-kawasaki-z-model-supercharger-z1000-h1 Without a fairing to hide the air-intake, we’re left with a radical appearing asymmetric ram-air duct, designed to feed the supercharger all the fresh oxygen it can handle. Twin anything, ride everything. Whether this is due to the more upright riding position, fueling, or altered final-drive gearing, I can’t say. Puede verse también en este frame -que hemos iluminado- que hay dos grandes tomas de admisión (con rejillas verdes) en los laterales, y que el depósito es del acabado cromado que conocemos en las H2. MSRP: $17,000: Engine: 998cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled, supercharged … Patience First, Despite Coronavirus Lockdown, MV Agusta Maintains Production, The Complete Book of Moto Guzzi: 100th Anniversary [Review], 2021 Hard Enduro World Championship Series Schedule (New FIM Series), MV Agusta x RO-NI = RMV Hyperwatch (First Look), 2021 KTM 450 SMR Review (13 Fast Facts and Supermoto Observations), 2021 Honda Vision 110 First Look: Specs and Photos, 2021 Ducati XDiavel Black Star First Look: A Solitary Candle, Maximum power: 197 horsepower @ 10,500 rpm, Fueling: EFI w/ four 40mm throttle bodies and dual injectors, Front suspension; travel: Fully adjustable 43mm inverted Showa SFF-BP fork; 4.7 inches, Rear suspension; travel: Linkage-assisted fully adjustable Showa shock; 5.3 inches, Front brakes: Semi-floating 320mm disc w/ radially-mounted 4-piston calipers, Rear brake: 250mm disc w/ 2-piston caliper, Metallic Spark Black/Metallic Graphite Gray/Mirror Coated Spark Black. Kawasaki Z H2 engine. Comically, at about 115 mph and with a constant throttle position, the Z H2 displays Eco on the dashboard, a notification letting riders know that they are achieving peak fuel consumption efficiency. This Z is P600,000 less than the 1.0-liter, base model Ninja H2. Senior Editor. The World Enduro Super Series (WESS) is no more. Keen eyes will notice that a double-sided swingarm is used in lieu of the H2’s lusty single-sided swingarm, precisely because it’s lighter and more rigid. Ade reviews the supercharged Kawasaki Z H2 high performance hypernaked motorcycle. Creating the structure was one of the biggest challenges for the supercharged Z, as they needed to shave weight, but also make it more rigid, without making it untenable for the street. Again, this is to promote a more comprehensive range of power on the street-oriented machines. The tech doesn’t stop there, with a six-axis Bosch IMU (five axes, with the sixth calculated) doing the heavy lifting, imbuing the Z H2 with cornering ABS, three-level lean-angle-detecting traction control, wheelie control, slide, control, and launch control. When you try to pin down the 2020 Kawasaki Z H2, you might have a bit of a hard time. Kawasaki has managed to make a supercharged firebreather of engine happily trot along at low rpm, something that I wouldn’t generally associate with such levels of performance.

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